Naturals, Organic & Bio Dyes

Our naturals are sourced from India, Pakistan, China, Canada and Peru. Traditional natural dyes with a rich and colourful past, used for centuries to dye cloth, yarn and fibre. *** Coming soon Potted Naturals.

A Handbook of Indigo Dyeing - Vivienne Pri...

$34.95 (Including tax)

The Complete Guide to Natural Dyeing - Eva...

$31.95 (Including tax)

The Craft of Natural Dyeing - Jenny Dean

$16.99 (Including tax)


$3.75 (Including tax)

Bio Indigo Dye Large Starter Kit

$39.00 (Including tax)

Bio Indigo Dye Small Starter Kit

$30.00 (Including tax)

Iron (Ferrous Sulphate)

$8.25 (Including tax)

Alum (Aluminium Sulphate)

$8.25 (Including tax)

Copper (Copper Sulphate)

$8.25 (Including tax)

Natural Bio Indigo Powder - Organic

$10.90 (Including tax)

Indigo (Vat Dye) 60% Pre Reduced *** CANNO...

$9.90 (Including tax)

Hydros ST : Sodium Hydrosulphite - **** RE...

$8.00 (Including tax)

Lime (Calcium Hydroxide)

$5.50 (Including tax)


$10.50 (Including tax)

Alkanet Root - Origin Pakistan

$10.25 (Including tax)


$10.90 (Including tax)

Tannic Acid (Tannin) Chestnut Extract

$8.25 (Including tax)

Stabilised Zinc Dust - *** THIS PRODUCT CA...

$3.50 (Including tax)

Natural Cochineal Extract

$20.35 (Including tax)

Natural Beet Red

$8.45 (Including tax)

Chrome (Potassium Dichromate) *** NOT AVAI...

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