Safety Data Sheets [SDS]

Below marked in RED are the current updated SDS' we have available. We are adding to the list regularly, if there is an SDS you need that is not yet downloadable please give us a call (03 9465 4865) or email us via the contact page.

Acid Milling [SDS]

Albegal SET [SDS]

Algipaste [SDS]

Aluminium Acetate [SDS]

Aluminium Sulphate [SDS]

Calcium Carbonate [SDS]

Cellulose Thickener HEC100C [SDS]

Cold Wax Emulsion [SDS]

Copper Suphate [SDS]

Devore Paste [SDS]

Dextrin TW [SDS]

Direct Dyes [SDS]

Discharge Liquid HD [SDS] 

+ Disperse Dyes (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Drimarene K Dyes [SDS]

Dynazol Washoff [SDS]

Ego Gel [SDS]

Ferrous Sulphate [SDS]

Fibre Fix [SDS]

Food Dyes ECO [SDS]

Fructose: Crystalline [SDS]

Glauber Salt [SDS]

Glycerine [SDS]

Guar Gum [SDS]

Clear Water-Based Gutta [SDS]

Hydros ST [SDS]

Indigo - Natural [SDS]

Indigo - Prereduced 60% [SDS]

Indigo - Synthetic VAT Dye [SDS]

Kolourfix FF [SDS]

Landscapes Dyes - Wool and Silk [SDS]

Landcapes Dyes - Cottons [SDS]

Hydrated Lime [SDS]

Liquid Lead Black [SDS]

+ Liquid Pigments (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Mesitol NBS40 [SDS]

Opulence Embellishment Inks [SDS]

Opulence Heat Set [SDS]

Opulence Steam Fix [SDS]

Polytex MF-U [SDS]

Polytex NOC [SDS]

Procion Dyes [SDS]

Remazol Dyes [SDS]

Resist Salt [SDS]

Shimmer Paints [SDS]

Soda Ash [SDS]

Sodium Alginate Manutex F [SDS]

Sun Dyes [SDS]

Synthrapol (Jacquard) [SDS]

Texacid ECO [SDS]

Texcraft Deco Printing Inks [SDS]

Texcraft Fabric Paints [SDS]

Texiflock E-FF [SDS]

Tie Dye Kit [SDS]

Transfix Medium [SDS]

Transprint Inks [SDS]

+ Unicorn (Click to Expand/Collapse)

Urea [SDS]

Wetter OT [SDS]