Lanaset Dyes

A range of Wool dyes with a high level of fastness and almost identical dyeing properties. All colours are intermixable. Dyes are applied in hot water at pH 4.5, with a minimum of fibre damage. Lanaset® dyes are suitable for dyeing Wool, Silk and Polyamide (Nylon) fibres and their blends. LANASET® is a registered trademark of the Huntsman Corporation. Refer Instructions for additional chemicals needed to use these dyes.*** NOTE - we do not recommend the use of any hot water dye for dyeing pre knitted garments due to the risk of shrinkage and felting.


CODE: Lanaset

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A range of hot water Wool dyes with very good washing and light fastness and almost identical dyeing properties. Using ALBEGAL SET the dyebath is stabilised... More