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Dyes and Auxiliaries 

Acid Dye Instructions [Download]

Printing & Painting Acid Dye [Download]

Cyanotype Instructions [Download]

Devore / Burnout Instructions [Download]

Texcraft Deco Printing Ink Instructions [Download]

Direct Dye Instructions [Download]

Discharge Printing Instructions [Download]

Disperse Dye Instructions [Download]

Drimarene Dye Instructions [Download]

Easy Shibori with Kraftkolour [Download]

Ice Dyeing Instructions [Download]

Indigo Tutorial (Natural/Bio Vat) [Download]

Indigo Fructose Vat [Download]

iDye Poly Instructions [Download]

Lanaset/Everset Dye Instructions [Download]

Landscapes Dyes For Wool And Silk FAQ's  [Download]

Landscapes Dyes For Wool And Silk Colourchart & Instructions [download]

Landscapes Dyes For Wool And Silk Seasons Colourchart & Instructions [Download]

Landscapes Dyes For Cotton Instructions [Download]

Marbling Instructions [Download]

Mordanting for Natural Dyeing Instructions [Download]

Natural Dyes & Mordants Instructions [Download]

Opulence Heat Set Instructions [Download]

Opulence Steam Fix Instructions [Download]

Procion Batik Instructions [Download]

Procion Cram Jar Dyeing [Download]

Procion Handpainting & Printing Instructions [Download]

Procion Ice Dye Instructions [Download]

Procion Ice Dyeing For Beginners Resource [Download]

Procion Ice Dye Colour Chart [Download]

Procion Dyebath Instructions & Colourchart [Download]

Procion Presoak Dyeing Method [Download]

Procion Tie Dye with Squeeze Bottles [Downolad]

Remazol Dye Instructions [Download]

Sun Dyes Instructions [Download]

Transprint Ink Instructions [Download]

FAQ'S - Fabric inks, Bases & Their Uses [Download]

 FAQ'S - Fibres, Origins, Eco Status & Uses [Download]

FAQ'S - Packaging & Mailing Materials Sustainability [Download]