Kromski Spinning Wheels & Looms

PLEASE NOTE: We are firmly committed to continuing to support our lovely Kromski family in Poland but due to the terrible situation in the Ukraine shipping costs have increased dramatically. Our listed  prices may need to be requoted before you order to accomodate these increases. 

A range of elegant spinning wheels accessories for Spinners combining traditional craftsmanship with modern style. Kromski and Sons is a family business with three generations of Kromskis having worked with wood and learned the craft of wood turning. Leon Kromski began a turning business in 1918 and operated it until 1939 when the impact of WWII and Communism made it impossible to continue. His son, also Leon, having mastered turning from his father, resurrected the craft and the business in 60’s by producing the first of a line of spinning wheels. Kraftkolour are proud to be the Asia Pacific distributors of Kromski wheels, looms and accessories. ALL WHEELS COME WITH A 12 MONTH WARRANTY. *** Depending on stock levels, some Kromski items may take up to 6 to 8 weeks to supply.