Our Colour Charts should only be used as a guide to the colour range and for the difference between colours. Screen graphics do not allow us to accurately reproduce the dye colours. Colours often appear differently on different screens or monitors. Please note also that dye colours will vary on different fibres, ie Cotton, Silk and Rayon.

If the actual shade of a colour is critical, you should purchase small quantities for testing purposes prior to finalising your order. Keep in mind you can usually mix dye colours to vary the shade. There may also be some variance in colours between batches and dye lots.

You will find the colours displayed with the dyes, inks and paints when you click on "See Options" or the image.

Kraftkolour takes no reponsibility for colour variation between batches. If need need to dye a large quantity of fabric or fibre buy enough dye in one batch to dye all your fabric/fibre, testing the shade first.